Each year new obstacles are developed and mixed in with challenges from earlier runs. The imaginations of the race organizers, Kelly and Tony are formidable.

1.Molasses swamp

2. Milo Vine Crawl & Tony”s Ladder

3. Miquel’s Tunnel of Terror

4. Bridge Over Troubled Waters

5. Punji-Reborn

Climb up on the stump, walk down the tree, exit to the left.

6. 45

Climb over the Wall!

7. Rocky Road

8. Holy Snikes! Its The Cliffs of Insanity

9. Devil’s Teeth

10. Climb It or Crawl It

11. Pick an Edge

12. Knife Blade

13. Yes, You Gotta

14. Silas!

15. Falling Action

16. Wait! Plot twist

17. Braveheart

Running along this knife edged trail on top of the Ridge will make you want to shout “Freedom!”

18. At World’s End

19. Denouement

20. Balancing act

21. What the Zeke

22. Really!

Climb up over this offset rung ladder. It’s tougher than it looks!

23. Operation

24. Training Day

Run through the Tires! High knees! High knees! Little Bunny Foo-Foo!

25. Yes Drill Sargeant!

Crawl through the mud under the rope!

26. Forbidden Forest

I’ve been in some thick jungles before but this is nuts!

27. Baby Jake’s Playpen

Climb over it. Crawl under it. There’s no right way. Just get through it!

28. Timber

29. Enough of the Log Bridges Already

30. Scottie’s Tyrod

Climb up on the log. Cross the creek on the log. Exit to the Left.

31. Curse of the Black Pipe

Cross the creek by hand over handing it on the Black Pipe! Then, you can crawl under the log or use the Black Pipe to climb over the log!

32. John Sager’s Split

You can climb over these logs. You can crawl under these logs. There is no right or wrong way. Just get past them!

33. Tarzan Swing

Cross the creek by swinging on the rope!

34. Zeke in the Creek

35. Odin’s Demise

Cross the creek by walking along this giant oak tree!

36. Jimmy Mearkle’s Logarithmic Descent

37.Swinging the Do

Cross the creek by swinging on the rope!

38. Monkeying Around

Cross the creek on the Monkey Bars!

39. Happy Enchilada Hill

40. Wet N Wild

You are going to get wet when you slide down this wild hill!

41. AEW!

Cross the pond while balancing on a tight wire. We have the top strand for adults or the Carson strand (middle) for the kids!

42. My Charon(a)

43. Kelly’s Last Laugh